In general, for the first two years of school students live in close proximity to UB’s south campus. Students then often move downtown to be closer to the hospitals before the third year.

Disclaimer: “Safe” is a relative word.  It may mean something different to someone from a city than to someone from a suburb.  Use your judgment and don’t hesitate to ask other medical students what they think of a certain neighborhood!

Amherst – Amherst has been consistently ranked among “America’s Safest Suburbs”. Located just outside the City of Buffalo, Amherst is a great place if you enjoy the neighborhood feeling of suburban living. The drive to school will vary between 5 to 15 minutes depending on where in Amherst you live. Most student living in Amherst is apartment-style in small residential neighborhoods.

Elmwood Village – Elmwood Village was recently voted one of the top ten neighborhoods in the country by the American Planning Association. It is the closest student living to most hospitals, so if you would like to stay put for your entire four years this is a great place to look. Elmwood is known for its trendy boutiques and shops, coffee houses, and fun places to eat. In general, your commute will vary between 15 to 20 minutes. Safety varies by street but we recommend staying east of (and including Richmond Ave), and west of (and including) Linwood Ave.

Buffalo State – The north end of Elmwood Village is considered a separate area. It is highly populated by undergraduates attending nearby Buffalo State College. You will find more affordable housing, but be aware that the area has a reputation for loud undergraduates. Travel time to school is approximately 15 minutes.

Allentown – Allentown is a little more offbeat than Elmwood village and features many bars, coffee shops, great food, and live music. Safety again will vary by street, so make sure to check the area out for yourself. The area offers diverse housing options including apartments and house rentals. It is possible to take the subway from both Allentown and Elmwood Village to school, although this is not a popular option among students. The drive is about 20 minutes.

Delaware Park/Hertel Ave – The Delaware Park/ Hertel Ave area is a very popular housing option for students.  You will find a mix of residential and commercial streets featuring tons of restaurants, Buffalo’s Little Italy, and many antique stores and funky shops. Housing varies from apartments to 3-bedroom upper/lower type houses. The area is in general considered relatively safe and being close to Delaware Park is great- especially on a warm sunny day! The commute to school will be around 10-15 minutes but traffic can be heavy.

University Heights District – The University Heights district is the area directly surrounding the Main Street Campus. This means that it is definitely within walking distance of the school. Be very careful where you rent because it is literally safe on a block by block basis. Please check out any prospective housing in person because like the Buffalo State area, you could end up living next to/under/above loud undergraduates and their respective fraternities. With careful checking, this can be an ideal area to live for anyone who wants to be in close proximity to campus and pay reasonable rent.

Village of Williamsville – Williamsville is located in the suburbs and can be a little on the expensive side. Housing varies from split homes in residential areas to apartments on Main Street. If you are looking for a place to live with a family that includes children this is the school district to be in! This area is definitely considered to be safe and is about 10 to 20 minutes to school depending on your location.

Campus Housing – Campus apartments are a nice all-inclusive option. They can appear a little more expensive but are probably about the same as other apartments in the area when you consider the other bills you would be paying. The downside is that all of the apartments are located on North Campus and although there are “graduate student only” clusters of apartments you will be surrounded by undergrads. A shuttle is provided from North campus to South campus daily, so you can catch a ride on those notoriously snowy Buffalo days.  Most apartments come fully furnished. It may be too late to apply for this year but you can get on a waiting list or apply for next year.

Kenmore/Tonawanda – Kenmore is a distinct village within the town of Tonawanda. It is divided into zones so all of the apartment-style living is grouped together. It includes a few apartments and a lot of family-oriented housing. The area is suburban and features a small “main drag” with restaurants and neighborhood bars.  The commute to school will vary between 10 to 15 minutes.