Below is a “What I wish I knew when I came to Buffalo” guide to help answer some of your questions and aid you in finding safe and affordable housing. In order to maximize your time and productivity, you should do your scouting beforehand, via the Internet or doing a quick drive around the community, and have an idea of which places you are interested in before coming to housing weekend.  That way, after the events of housing weekend and having all of your questions answered, you can check out each location and hopefully sign a lease at that time and be set for August, when school starts!


I.  Consider what type of area you would like to live in to narrow your housing hunt. Check out the descriptions of the neighborhoods in and around Buffalo on our site.

II. Decide if you want to live in a house with multiple roommates, an apartment with one or perhaps a few other roommates or alone. The listserve and Housing Weekend are both great ways to find a person to live with. Living with someone is a great way to cut costs.

III. When looking for a place, consider if utilities are included, especially heat.  It is not uncommon for the heating bill to be almost as much as the monthly rent. If the heating is included, ask if you, the tenant, can actually control the heat.  Some complexes control the heat overall and may turn it on late in the season, causing you to freeze in the early winter months.

IV. Parking: Ask if there is parking available at the unit itself.  Some streets do not allow cars to park overnight on the street for snow plowing purposes, so when looking at homes over the summer, keep winter conditions in mind.

V.  Consider the commute to school, if you don’t like winter driving perhaps a place closer to school would be more suited to your needs.

VI. Run the water in all apartments.  Turn the water on cold, hot, and both at the same time to check things like water pressure and changes in temperature.

VII. All major cell phone companies work in Buffalo, so no need to go changing carriers.

VIII. Email with any questions.

IX. Have fun looking for your new home!