2016-2017 Executive Board

Connor Arquette

President: Connor Arquette

The President serves as the chairperson of the Executive Board, presides at Polity meetings, and oversee all activities of Polity. The President can assume or delegate responsibilities, act as the final validator of all Polity actions, act as the liaison between the medical school administration, medical alumni association and the student body, and represent Polity on the Executive Committee of the School of Medicine.



Ashley Smith

Vice President: Ashley Smith

The Vice President assists the President in the performance of his or her duties. In addition, it is the Vice President’s responsibility to coordinate the Summer Housing Weekend for incoming first-year students, Winter Semi-Formal, and Spring Formal. In addition, they act as chairperson of the major fundraising event (i.e. the Annual Golf Tournament) in the year of elected office and subsequent year.



Joelle Hartke

Secretary: Joelle Hartke

The Secretary is in charge of recording the minutes of the Polity meetings, and ensuring that an accurate permanent record of such minutes is maintained. The Secretary must also maintain other pertinent permanent records, such as the Constitution and By-Laws, and an updated list of student organization officers.



Nicole Ruh

Treasurer: Nikki Ruh

The Treasurer acts as the official custodian of the funds and accounts of Polity and dispenses such funds when appropriate. The treasurer must also submit a budget report to the members present at general meetings, act as chairperson of the annual Polity budget meeting, and serve as a financial liaison to Sub-Board I.